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A Technical, Analytical Approach to SEO

At Modmacro, we take a technical and analytical approach to SEO for Temecula small businesses. You may be thinking, “Isn’t all SEO technical?” Well, yes—technically—but what we mean when we say we take a “technical” approach to SEO is that we really dig into the numbers (the ones that show us how successful your SEO campaign has been) to make sure we are getting the most bang for our clients’ bucks.

You may have heard of Google Analytics. This program can tell you how many people came to your website, how they got there, where they are located, and a host of other helpful stats. We utilize Google Analytics to gain insight into the search traffic coming to your website to see what campaigns have been most successful, as most Temecula SEO firms likely do. But, at Modmacro, we have gone a step further and created our own proprietary web crawling tool that can offer other useful data related to your website.

Our in-house team of programmers and SEO experts has created ModBot. our proprietary tool that mimics the way Google crawls the internet, allowing us to gain insight into ways your business website can be optimized to achieve better search results. ModBot also tracks your website’s search rankings in an automated fashion and monitors your website’s uptime. If your website ever crashes, ModBot will let us know immediately, so we can get to work fixing the problem and getting your site back online.

Modmacro is able to offer all of our Temecula SEO clients this technical advantage—without sacrificing the personalized boutique experience our small business clients crave!

Local SEO Gets Your Business Found by the Right People

One of our specialties at Modmacro is SEO for small businesses that operate within a specific geographic region, like the Temecula Valley. If your business services clients in Temecula, it doesn’t benefit you if people on the other side of the country view your website. That’s why it’s important to partner with a Temecula SEO company that knows how to run an effective local SEO campaign.

At Modmacro, we are very strategic about getting your company found by the right people—ones that are looking for the products or services you provide in their area.

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