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M. Grisafe Architects Award Announcement Goes Viral


Recently, one of our clients, Mark Grisafe of M. Grisafe Architects, received a prestigious award – the Chai Award for outstanding voluntary service from the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach (AJCC). Mark has been a crucial volunteer with the AJCC for several years, offering his expertise to the center regarding architecture design and various building-related concerns. It’s a well-deserved award for a great guy! Continue reading “M. Grisafe Architects Award Announcement Goes Viral” »

You Should Consider Seasonal Marketing Campaigns


Is your industry slow for part of the year and then a crazy busy season sneaks up on you at other times? Have you ever wanted to even out those highs and lows so there wasn’t such a sense of “feast or famine”? With a little planning and a strategy in place, there is a way to make that happen.

Custom Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Consistent, smart marketing is the key to steady business and client retention. A seasonal marketing campaign keeps your company in front of your audience throughout the year. Take advantage of the slow times to promote your products and services and to offer tips, tricks, and reminders. People generally do business with companies they like and trust. A postcard in the mail can say to a customer “Hey, we’re thinking about you and thought this could be helpful.” Continue reading “You Should Consider Seasonal Marketing Campaigns” »

Personalized LinkedIn Training, Part of Our Social Media/ Professional Networking Services

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Last night I hosted a small LinkedIn training session for some friends at Sunridge Church in Temecula. As LinkedIn (and the other social/ professional networking sites) grow and evolve, it’s challenging to keep up with how they work, which features are most important and how to best utilize these services to meet our career and business goals. Continue reading “Personalized LinkedIn Training, Part of Our Social Media/ Professional Networking Services” »

Does LinkedIn Care How Many Recommendations You Have? Should You?

I’m constantly reading great articles discussing how to utilize LinkedIn to make connections and market my company. These articles often provide a pragmatic, step-wise approach to build a more engaging profile, or connect with people through groups. But I’ve yet to read a compelling article or blog post that discusses the importance of recommendations on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has offered the recommendations functionality for as long as I’ve know what LinkedIn is. I expected an emphasis on recommendations given that it’s really the only element of a LinkedIn profile the owner can’t manipulate. In other words, recommendations should be an objective way to measure the quality of a person you find on LinkedIn, right? That’s how I see it. Continue reading “Does LinkedIn Care How Many Recommendations You Have? Should You?” »

MODMACRO Joins Facebook

It’s about time we got involved with arguably the largest social network there is. After all, about 50% of Americans use Facebook. We’ve provided social media and Facebook consulting for a while now and even setup Facebook pages for clients. So it seemed time to do one for our self. We’ll be adding updates, and providing useful website and online marketing information for small businesses on our page. Visit our Facebook page and “Like” us to receive updates automatically.

6 Steps to a More Marketable LinkedIn Profile

In his post on, Jeff Haden offer some great points about some common pitfalls with LinkedIn profiles and how to revisit yours with a fresh perspective. His article provides an insightful approach that offers practical examples and motivating suggestions. Is it time to revamp your use of LinkedIn? I’m certainly taking another look. Read it at [link removed when website was hacked] [/jeff-haden/how-to-market-yourself-with-linkedin-profile-6-steps.html]